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People are most effective when they play to their passions. MyFight provides opportunities for people with varied passions, talents, and dreams to come together and act. There are literally hundreds of ways to join MyFight. The question is, what do you really want to do? What makes you live?


A barista, a stylist, a printer, and a photographer. That was the team that made up the Hood River L.E.O. (local event organizer) squad for Hood River, OR that just declared war, took THE STAND, and raised over 3 G's (or 3 k's depending on your style). The point is, that is 40 loans over a three year period! Not to mention a few hundred people are running around Hood River with great new threads.

Check out this short video by one of the bands that performed, Sunderland:

Music Festival Tour

Like Kodee and Caleb, you could join MyFight for a summer of music festivals, late nights, camping, and couch surfing. We pay our summer staff and cover all of your expenses. Your job is to sell thousands of shirts while sharing the story of MyFight. This is really a fun way to get involved, but we're really picky about who we hire for this. In our second year now, we know how stressful the days are and how outgoing you need to be. If you're interested in applying for one of the 2012 spots, send us an email


If you’re interested in helping with the tour or bringing it to your city, contact us.


For individuals interested in donating to MyFight, The MyFight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charity, able to receive tax-deductable gifts.

For organizations interested in partnering with or donating to MyFight, please contact us for options and possibilities.

Or donate online now! All you need is a credit card.


We are not interested in posting traditional “job openings” for which we would receive hundreds of artificially inflated resumes. Instead, our goal is to fill and create positions around your passions. If our goals and modes resonate with you, and you believe you’d be a valuable addition to our team, we invite you to creatively make us believers too. Virtually every area of our work needs real initiative and real ingenuity, so this is your opportunity to earn your place. Areas we might have a place for you are: administration, promotion, marketing, art, design, music, drama, sales fulfillment, research, video/media, and accounting.

As a social business, we believe that people deserve to be paid fairly for the work they do. In his book, Uncharitable, Dan Polatta notes that the way most people think of “charity work” may actually be harmful to the charitable goals. For too long purely profit-driven companies have paid their employees hundreds of millions of dollars, while those who do the most important work in society are expected to get by on comparatively paltry wages. We will not do this; we will not exploit one person to help another.

With that said, we strongly believe that a willingness to lay your life down for another is infinitely more valuable than making a good wage.


There are many ways to volunteer with MyFight, both at our headquarters and various places around the globe. We are currently looking for volunteers to help develop our work in Ethiopia through the MyFight Volunteers program. Contact to get involved.

What’s Your Fight?

This may be one of the most important questions you can answer.

Just as we believe that the sustainable solutions to the injustices in Africa are within the hopes and dreams of the African people, we believe that your hopes and dreams for justice also play a vital role.

What are you fighting for, and how can MyFight partner with you? Submit a video, essay, or article about what you are already doing. If your work reflects our core values and goals, we want to support you and bring attention to your efforts.

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