Asella Fan Necklace

Dense and treasured ebony hardwood can be found along the northern borders of Ethiopia. As the demand for ebony in Ethiopia grows, investors and producers are working with the Ethiopian government to organize accessibility to the wood while maintaining ethical and sustainable environmental concerns. Our producer, Mebere, and her family began working with ebony as a result of a government project to develop small businesses in poor Ethiopian communities. Your purchase supports this family business and allows them to expand their entrepreneurial efforts.


MyFight's Ebony Features:

  • Solid, recycled brass beads
  • Sustainably harvested wood from Northern Ethiopia
  • Unique, hand-cut and hand-sanded ebony beads
  • Wax cotton cord, or thread made from recycled tires
  • Natural ebony wood that showcases a color range from dark brown to black
  • 17"


Type: necklace

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